The quality and integrity of our products, systems and designs are of a ‘best in class’ category able meet the high performance criteria and specifications demanded by modern construction and the exacting standards of our clients and specialist subcontractors. All steel strip used to manufacture our steel framing components, carries a full provenance of the history of its source of manufacture and performance criteria. From the galvanised steel strip used in the manufacture of our sections – through to the calculation methods incorporated within our designs, we operate a full compliance policy with all the necessary British standards.

How are framing system components made?

Our framing sections are formed in a process called roll forming by passing sheet steel through a series of rollers to form the bends that produce the shapes and profiles of the end product, e.g. the web, flanges and lips of a C stud. Because this process happens without heat, the sections are made stronger than the original sheet steel – this is also why it is known as ‘cold forming'

  • All supplied and manufactured in the United Kingdom

  • Quality of steel to BS EN 10326:2004 S390GD + Z275 --N-A-C

  • Yield Strength = 390N/mm2 (Minimum Value)

  • Tensile Strength = 468N/mm2 (Minimum Value)

  • Fully galvanised to BS EN 10147:1992 (Galvanising Process) or pre hot dipped galvanised finish to BS EN 10147:1993 and coated to GZ275

  • Manufactured quality standard – BS EN ISO 9001:2000

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