Each project we undertake is approached on an individual basis and our design input can vary according to each customer’s needs. This can range from basic advice for some, through to full design and drawings being required for others.

We produce a fully engineered, integrated design containing all structural calculations, loading details, section specifications, support requirements, connections and fixing specifications. A full set of construction drawings for your scheme are produced detailing stud and joist layouts, bracing requirements, openings and connection details. In addition, dynamic, 3D modelling allows you to rotate and tilt the model enabling you to examine each aspect from different viewpoints.

We have worked with design teams from the industry’s leading main contractors and specialist subcontractors on turnkey projects within all sectors including: residential, commercial, hospitality, education and health care. From which we have earned a reputation for quality, reliability and cost efficiency with the experience and knowledge to offer our services on both large and small scale projects.

Design charges and time scales will be discussed and agreed on an individual project basis, prior to commencing any technical work, as the complexity and scope of work, varies significantly on each project.


The quality and integrity of our products, systems and designs are able to meet the high performance criteria and specifications demanded by modern construction and the exacting standards of our clients and specialist subcontractors. All steel strip used to manufacture our steel framing components, carry a full provenance of the history of its source of manufacture and performance criteria. From the galvanised steel strip used in the manufacture of our sections – through to the calculation methods incorporated within our designs, we operate a full compliance policy with all the necessary British standards and Euro codes.

Our partnerships with exclusively independent, British rolling mills, enables us to provide an impressive range of LWSF sections from high quality galvanised steel coil. With over 200,000 Sq. ft of production area and 13 rolling lines, we can offer profiles from 50-500 mm and 0.5-6.0 mm thick. These state of the art facilities also include punch and drill lines, laser and plasma cutting, press brakes and Guillotines.

All of our steel is:

  • Supplied and manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Quality of steel to BS EN 10326:2004 S390GD + Z275 --N-A-C
  • Manufactured quality standard – BS EN ISO 9001:2000

    In an effort to assist our customers as much as possible, in addition to steel framing we also supply a range of external boards, flooring, insulation materials, drylining sections and fixings as required.


    Steel Frame Solutions have installed our light weight systems for clients across the country in both the residential and commercial sector, along with the hospitality, education and health care sectors also. We use several approved install teams whom we have worked with on many projects over a number of years. All of our teams are qualified installers, with huge experience of our systems and design methods.

    In addition, weekly visits are carried out and an inspection of works are completed by both our design and construction managers. These visits are made to ensure that the quality of install and the compliance of technical design throughout the project is maintained to a high standard.

    To compliment the installation of our SFS systems, we also provide the installation of:

  • External sheathing boards
  • EPDMs
  • Insulation
  • Brick tie channels
  • Breather membranes
  • And more…
  • Why Steel Frame?

    At Steel Frame Solutions, we offer value engineering as standard, delivering cost and time efficient solutions to your project. Early involvement at concept stage, enables us to input with construction options aimed at rationalising materials. In addition, our flexible approach, assists with efficient programming during construction and easier interfacing with other trades.

    Further advantages of building with Lightweight Steel Framing include:

    • Lighter loadings - enable reductions in foundations, piling and slab thickness.
    • No requirement for lintels and complicated head deflection, as with brick & block. Lightweight steel framing systems are easily detailed to accommodate mainframe movement.
    • Faster build times and less labour intensive, significantly reduce labour and hire costs.
    • Structures are weather enclose quickly with follow on trades in sooner.
    • Greater U values can be achieved for same wall thickness.
    • Greater control over quality.
    • Environmentally sympathetic construction with sections produced from recyclable, high strength, galvanised steel.
    • Lightweight steel framing also requires fewer deliveries, further reducing the environmental impact.
    Steel Frame Solutions - Why Steel Frame

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