Steel Frame Solutions offers different types of systems that we will assist you in ensuring you have the correct product for your next steel frame development.

Stand Alone

Our Stand-alone system enables us to undertake full structural builds using lightweight steel sections. With this system, full structural build options from slab, provide fast track housing and apartments up to 8 stories.

Our systems easily accommodate a versatile range of design and style options, from rendered finish elegance to an impressive range of contemporary modern, rain screen facades, including timber laminates, brick slips and stone options.

In addition, our lightweight steel sections, cost efficient designs and our value engineering approach to each project makes adding additional stories to an existing building a simple but effective way to build.

Lightweight steel construction is fast becoming the most favoured system used for London developments especially, taking advantage of vertically extending existing commercial structures, to accommodate new residential units above. This method again, allows you to add additional units to your existing building without the need to incorporate additional concrete or structural steel at lower levels.

SFS has seen a sharp uptake in requirements for penthouse structures and vertical extensions in particular across the South East, especially in recent years.


Lightweight steel framing can be used to infill both concrete and structural steel main frames. Using cut to length studs and stick build construction method, buildings are quickly weather enclosed. Designs easily accommodate varying degrees of deflection to allow for movement of the structural frame.

Combined with various sheathing boards available, systems are able to provide suitable solutions for buildings up to and in excess of 18m high.

Lightweight steel frame infill systems can provide a weathered external envelopes by up to 50% quicker than traditional build methods, improving overall time scales on site. 

Commercial & Hospitality

A full range of purlins, cladding and sheeting rails, side rails and eaves beams are available as well as all required accessories, providing fast track build solutions for portal frame structures, industrial and retail units. With our lightweight systems are able to span up to 20 metres, large internal spaces can remain open, without the need for column supports or internal load bearing walls.

Building with Lightweight steel, offers easier logistics and site handling and additionally, construction does not always require cranes, representing a significant reduction in hire costs.

The use of screeded or composite deck floors can be easily integrated with SFS systems. In addition, many façade finishes can easily be incorporated into design to create a flexible base for clients, architects and engineers to work with.

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